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After attempting to conquer the world, a group of heroes destroyed your base, and left you for dead. Fortunately for you, a mysterious psychic woman appears in your last moments, and forms a connection between your minds in order to steal your knowledge.

Using this connection, you are able to take control of her body. Now you and she must work together for one last attempt at world conquest. Conquer other kingdoms, defend your own base from invasion, and add the world's leaders and heroes to your own personal harem!

This game is still in early development, so some systems or mechanics may change from one version to the next as I work on smoothing out the mechanics. Any feedback will be appreciated.

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how do i open the game its a rar file and i don't know with what to open it

i recommend using 7zip to open zip files


man idk why i cant progress further after capturing  the three kingdoms magi co and all. the third girl doesnt show up  in bedroom and her tribute is empty. idk why but this kind of thing happens in your other games like spiral clicker. 

i use a laptop with a 3rd gen i7 and windows 10

help please

Hey, clicking bubbles does literally nothin. This is my second time tryin to download and run the game, so I know it's not just a bad download. Any fixes I can try?

What version is it? I am not seeing any version number. even after downloading and running I have no clue which version I got

As a random hope to get an answer since Hypno does seem to keep up here, do you, or anyone, know why certain text boxes just seem to freeze the game? Like when I click on Terri in the kingdom tab or on the dancer girl in the training fields the dialogue just doesn't continue and I have to quite the game. This sucks cause I was really excited to see this game had fully been released.

Also, is there a wiki since I didn't know about the multiple endings and I wanted to see how many there are. It looks like there's one where Terri takes over your body and becomes gray and one where you get your own demon body back but idk if there are others.

If anyone is still here - how does the main character get their demon body back? Is it supposed to be an alternate ending to Terri taking her body back from us and putting our body in a chamber because I get that one every time. 

Making Terri like you is the currently implemented way; you can do this most easily by having sex with characters that Terri has a positive reaction towards. In a later version I intend to have a way for the player to circumvent Terri's betrayal.

oooohhhhhhhh well I'll have to notice more carefully then


umm how does the mind thing work im stuck on the toturial and i dont understand how to play

Same problem. I can't select anything.

Hi, we have a couple issues. The Reinforced Grates upgrade disabled me from placing troops on the wall. The game subtracts more troops than it's supposed to, when training dancers. I gave 25 troops, approved 18 to be dancers, (7 died) but it subtracted 50 troops from my army, and somehow Datlof has 34 dancers. This is troublesome, because my army was cut in half, from 101 to 51, making Defense much more difficult.

Typing in required amounts of troops instead of using buttons would make selecting army size so much easier.

Other than that, I like the update. Unfortunately, my original file had Terri betray me, so New Game.


1. How do you actually get Terri to NOT betray you?

2. Training Dancers seems to stop working after progressing in the story a certain amount.

3. The Magi Co and Starland management screens are bugged. Magi Co has an Iron Tribute button, when it doesn't produce Iron, while Starland does, but lacks the button.

the tributes stopt working

Hell yes, thank you Changer. All your games are great, but waging mind control war is always a fun time.

how douse the management system work


the bubbles dont work

Still being updated? Is this the final version?

It got updated around 18 hours ago. I don’t know the changelog, but Itchio says a new build of the game was uploaded.

cant run it. can you upload a zip option?

download 7-Zip https://7-zip.org 


For some reason clicking the bubbles doesn't work

I'm stuck. I got passes Starland and Magic Co but can't progress any farther. Is that the end for now

Show post...

alright i think im missing something. I am at starland and magic co however, I cannot get past the defenses, idk what I'm doing wrong. Ive gotten my army up to 200 and I cannot even get a dent into the risk factor. help please

Suspicious behavior and multiple detections. Looks like the game is compromised.


Im not sure why but my AV detected this as a trojan virus


how does this game even work? i am so unbelievably confused


I cant click the bubbles in the mind screen, any solutions? 

Run into a little bit of a problem, I conquered Magi Co, but can't conquer Starland because food supply is such that I have to start from zero soldiers each day. Makes it impossible to conquer! Barring that, it's a fun game!

My computer keeps saying there is a trojan in this game is that just a false positive?

Im also receiving this error...

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There is a bug that when u hover on raid for magi co and starland that even if u have an overwhelming advantage it will say "risk:100%".  The game still lets you win but it should be fixed cuz it may mislead people into thinking theyll lose and not take the risk.

Also what do i do after capturing both Magi Co and Starland. Im at 85% to being restored and i cant bring it further up cuz sleeping makes it go down.

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is there a way for your conquered villages to produce food? I'm keeping morale high, but food production is always in the negative. Also, how can i delete my save files? I keep messing up on making Terri like me and the only bodies I get are Lord Ash or a clone of Terri. 

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Yo, Changer! Jedi from Collective here. Joined up and gave you a few bucks, will contribute more later. LOVE this one and Spiral, they're amazing. Yet to play "Adventure High" but I will. This & Spiral RULE!   I'm enjoying 0.06 a lot (you ROCK!) but I'm stuck at Starland food raiding with 160 troops as I CANNOT penetrate the magically deforestated wood village, or Starland itself. I'm bored - I'm just grinding food now. I'm desperate to get back into BREAKING MINDS. That's a LOT of FUN, I LOVE IT! Really clever mechanic there. Also, I'm a big fan of John Carpenter horror films, and my total fave is "Prince of Darkness" which  you do great tribute to with the (kinda static) body in the tube and the eerie music! You could streamline the general play a bit, though. It does get humdrum going to bed and shagging, for instance - same words, nobody reads them after 5th time. My SPACEBAR is getting worn out. I tried but I don't know Flash. I have some polite suggestions (it's your game, you don't haveta listen to me!):

1>> Abbreviate repeats of jilloff or sex screens. 27 pages every sexy recharge is boring, I really dislike this bit most, tbh. Maybe a "Skip" option? Maybe an option at START - "Verbose repeat scenes (Y/N)?" (The novelty of sex or jilloff is DEAD after 3 goes, same text is boring, more VARIETY!). Pressing SPACEBAR 27 times to do a sex act SUCKS!!!

2>> Optional "1. Enter Bedroom" or "2. Sleep in chair? on post-battle screen so we can avoid bedroom boredom.

3>> ADD a BRAINWASH 2nd screen after the walkoff on KIDNAP (1 more piece of Art, just one, like food, wood, ore) - let's see the Hypno'd hunnies getting washed, especially that sexy blonde in white stockings!
4>> Reposition room nav arrows so all are LEVEL! Also, let us use SPACE to get off RESULT screen for food, wood, ore raid outcome - not the arrow?
5>> NO intermediate  empty war-room screen between war-room RESULT and bedroom?
4>> Maybe kidnap results no less than 5, it uses lot of good willpower!
5>> Make it so we can type number in "Attackers" box, or use a slider. This part is particularly irksome & boring as I sit there watching it crawl to MAX!
6>> It would be really handy to see both army sizes & returners alongside will, health, food etc. on the overhead stats bar, then so one can estimate chances, a % of success would also be good.
7>> Maybe give the total enemy army size/population on map hover?
8>> Make events optional? - "Answer Castle Door Y/N?" so we don't keep getting stuck meeting an invader straight after bed. I think it's rude being massacred before I've had my coffee!

Anyway, these are just my observations and ideas, I hope they've contributed something and perhaps chime in with things you've though, maybe? THANKYOU VERY MUCH - IT'S A VERY FUN GAME! (A little repetitive, though, but I'm probably playing it wrong)

I am still working on the balance on battles; changing anything seems to cause unexpected cascading effects on how other elements feel, so hopefully I will get those features smoothed out as I make further progress.

There actually is a skip option for sleeping. The icon to the left of the other girls lets you pass the night without going through a scene.

I quite understand, Changer, I'm sure it's way more complex than my "wouldn't it be cool if?" random thoughts. Us Brits, eh?

I did LOVE the way V0.05 would sometimes go MAD and give unfeasibly large numbers of troops!

Cool! Thanks for pointing out the "skip" icon, I was getting a bit tired trying to sleep. I'll fire the game up again NOW!

Did you learn Flash programming from a book?

ATB and do keep up the good work, and cheers.

J (the London Lad)

Quick Question: Why does Antivirus software register this game as a Trojan Virus? Is it a similar thing to Cheat Engine, where you're using a file or program that allows you to run ads and at least get some money from it or something like that?

Great game, but I'm having some problems. Firstly, I was stuck at Starland because it said the risk was 100% no matter how large my army was or how small theirs was. In the end, I pressed it and won, so that must've been a bug.

But once I did that, there was nothing left on the map, and seemingly nothing left to do. I know there's more in the game, due to the screenshots showing scenes I didn't get, but I don't know how to get them. Am I done? Are they alternate paths?

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i dont get how my army size keeps getting reset. i love your games a lot btu i feel like it should be easier to track more stats that the game makes decisions about and if u kill all my army make sure there is a message saying it (with the reason why i.e 18 Soldiers (100% of army) died to starvation)!

Also make it so hovering over the icons on the top gives a short description in case someone forgets what they do.

Basically make sure ur providing feedback to the player about actions he makes, such as buying upgrades using wood and so on.

(I steal food and win the fight, have one losses and when i try to attack again it says i have zero soldiers, make sure u explain why that is with a message if thats not a bug)

Also maybe make it so that  for deciding the number of attackers  instead of + and - it would be a slider with a value u can also type in and that it tells u 0 on the left and ur army size on the right.

i want to restate how much i love your content and thank you for the amazing work.

I did add returning soldiers to the population stats that appear when you hover over food.  When you attack, your surviving soldiers eat less food, and take a day to return. Soldiers who are away eat less food than those who are at your base as well.

I will try to work on new ways to give this information in ways that won't be as easily missed though.

i see now. make that message at the left pop out more. give it like a blinking outline or something

This is v0.06?

Yeah, it is up to v0.06 now.

Love the reference to the mighty city of Datlof, home of Gin and fine mustaches!

Looks interessting. Gonna wait until more content.

Your games need always to make up the content... Have you ever considered trying to make a game in which the mechanic itself opens A LOT of possibilities? 

I know it might be hard to make a hypno related game about it, but I'm pretty sure there can be a way. (If I had an idea, I'd probably try to exploit it myself ^^")

I made a whole account specifically to tell you that I really really like the mechanic that you came up with for breaking the women. It's so unique but there are so many things that you can think about with it, saving moves of taking away duty or morality by reattributing it to love or something else and trying to filter through all of it, just something really unique and a good mind play based on some true psychology of biological brain shortcuts that in reality could actually be manipulated almost that easily. Great job man. Honestly. Between you and Akabur, you're holding strong the category of quality mind break/control actual, legitimate, full games

Thanks. I am trying to do my best on it. I have had some issues with tutorializing the puzzle and with some mechanics not being super balanced but I am hoping in the next version to improve upon it. 

hey, I was unable to get starland. I got not enough people to sustain my food raids to keep said people alive, and then one failed and I dropped to 0. when I entered 2 countries as food tribute, production went to -1. any ideas?

It says to me that it does not work with Windows and to contact the provider.

It should work with windows. It is in a .rar file; you might need to download an extractor such as winrar or 7zip. 

Extracting does work.

It is when I try to start the game that Windows 10 give me the the looooooooovely message of "This program is not compatible, plase contact the provider".

That is strange; do you have a 32 bit system, perhaps?

Don't know: I only use the PC, I do not manage it on said details.

I'm on a Mac can you give my some tips on what I should to?

when i download it gives me a word file, why?

Deleted 3 years ago
Deleted 3 years ago

I find the beginning of this game too confusing - I may or may not have lost most of my potential starting army to starvation while exploring my base at the start, was able to conquer two towns (and dominate two women), and then ... had negative health, couldn't figure out how to make any kind of forward progress, and could just pass time and have my newly-captured population start dying off because it was basically impossible to get anything resembling enough food since tribute was way lower than was required to feed them, and the map was uninteractable. :(