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This is a short Text Adventure for Lewd Jam 2017. You are stuck in the North Pole, and must find some way to escape without being brainwashed into becoming a present for someone else.

It is possible to hit dead ends or unwinnable states in this game, due to the nature of text adventures and there being two different routes. I have tried to minimize the number of instances where an unwinnable state is not obvious though.

Walkthrough: http://changermcgame.blogspot.com/2017/12/the-great-north-pole-escape-released.h...

Note: Only the first letter of any command, or proper nouns are capitalized. Common command words are: Look at, Search, Throw, Push, Press, Use (item) on (object), and so on.

If you enjoy my writing, you may also enjoy my main project, Adventure High, which you can play free here: https://hypnochanger.itch.io/adventure-high-hentai-game

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Seeing as flash isn't around, is it possible to make this downloadable?

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can you make this downloadable

It won't load. Flash is enabled. It says "Right-click to run Adobe Flash Player". Doing so does nothing. I also clicked the button that says "run flash".

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when blogger does the repeated content warning loop, usually you just need to close the browser and reopen it.

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Hey for any one having issues, the game is cap sensitive. "take bobby pin" won't work but "Take bobby pin" will. Honestly a baffling decision on the devs part, in my honest opinion. If it's an attempt at proper grammar then why don't you need to put a period at the end?


It wasn't so much a decision on my part, but rather a limitation/feature of Stencyl. Text variable strings are case sensitive, so in order to make commands not case sensitive I would have had to write an excessive number of variations to each possible input.


Alright, fair enough.


Hi, umm, I know this is about a year old now, but I think Stencyl lets you turn text into all lowercase with [TEXT].toLowerCase(). So you can take player input and transform it to lowercase, and then check against all your commands also in lowercase.

Too late comment maker away!

I can't seem to get this running in my browser, why is that?

Some browsers have flash disabled by default, you might try checking that.

how do i get past looking around the room?

After you look around the room, you should search the drawers next for the items in there. In the game description is a more detailed walkthrough you can follow.

"...certain fetishes including...holiday cheer." <snrrk!>

I'm baffled by this game.  I've tried typing everything I can think of into the console, but I've only been able to get it to do about 4 different prompts after the game started.  Is this game finished?

The game is finished. What part exactly are you stuck on, and what are you typing?

Made a breakthrough when I picked this back up again, basically trying all known objects against all common verbs, and managed to make progress.  All I'd been able to do up until that point was break a bobby pin.

Ahh, glad to hear you made some progress. I added a link to a walkthrough to the game's description if you get stuck again.