A downloadable game for Windows

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This is a demo for an upcoming game, Succuquest. Play as Fawn on her quest to become a Hero so that she can impress and seduce the world's heroes. Use your whip to take down foes, glide past enemies  and enemy attacks, and explore the world to it's fullest.

The demo has limited content, but as I get to afford more assets, the game will expand.

Install instructions

Use Winrar or 7zip to extract the .rar file, then open Succuquest Game.exe to run it.


Succuquest Game.rar 22 MB


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says virus detected in windows.  False positive?

You should create a manual save system. 

There will be a save system in the actual game; this is just a short linear demo so there didn't seem to be any need to have save and loading in it.


What a delightful main character, will she be making an appearance in Spiral Clicker?

I'm not sure if she will or not. I am trying to limit self-referential cameos. I'm not decided if it should be just one from me in total, or one from each game.


will this ever be available on other things like android or mac

I'm not sure a platformer would work well on android. Mac is unfortunately impossible. It can only be exported to Mac on an actual MAC computer and I do not have one.

Could it possibly work through something like unity or something like that?

I can export to android. The concern I have is on whether I can make the game feel natural to play using a touch screen, as your hands will naturally cover up parts of the screen. I will look into if I can make it work though.

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I used Wine to run it on my mac, doesn't always work for windows applications, but it is generally worth a try.

i assume you only have sex with the heroes right?

For the most part, a large number of sex scenes will be with heroes, but sometimes you get sex with other characters. Fawn has a strong preference for heroes though.

Amazing game dev looking for the next updates :D , I hope you enjoy my gameplay