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I played the game and I have a few notes.

1) The movement is a little sticky. It needs a 10% improvement imo.

2) Is there a way to skip/speed up dialog? Especially before boss fights.

3) I wish you could refill your health when you save your game rather than having to spam potions.

4) Is there an end to the demo? I locked the undead in the closet and there's a cliff to fall off of but not much else.

I'm also curious how you get those two CGs shown here (Alranune and Bandit).

Might be worth putting a version number on the downloadable file too.

I did get a bug of sorts. Do you have a report section?

One more question: are all the sex scenes lesbian/yuri?


so I have downloaded version 0.3 and have run into a bug I am at the last part of the mansion doing the three doors and all of a sudden my rouge can no wall jump

Question, will this be the full eventual release? IE, I pay for it now and I don't need to worry about Steam.

The newest version seems to be bugged.  When I try to open the game it opens a window for two seconds, then crashes and closes.  Is there anything that can be done to fix this?


That is unusual. Sounds like the game is crashing for you. Two main causes I can think of would be not having enough ram to run the game, which is unlikely, or the extraction messed up and corrupted a file.


I think it was improperly extracted.  I unzipped the file again and it's working.  Thank you for the help, and the game.

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Well, I don't know about everyone else but I'm stuck in the haunted mansion.  Either I need to learn a way to duck/get-smaller or else I've got to find a way to get higher than Fawn's double-jump.

Note for Hypno: The one-liners get old fast.  Really might want to make them a random chance, like 25% or something.

In that room, the thief can cling to the walls that have vegetation growing on them. I did reduce the chances of one liners, might need to reduce the odds further.

This update came out of nowhere! I like the reworks to the old stuff including Fawn's new voice, and the new stuff looks great too, although I haven't beaten Lucy yet. I did notice that sometimes Paladin Form uses the old voice though.

Yeah, I might have missed a spot or two with the voice changes, I'll look them over again. Thanks :)


Will you release the full game here? I don't buy adult games on steam,and I noticed a trend here on Itch.lo Where people release the demos on their hentai/Eroge here on itch.lo. But well then release the full game on steam.


Yeah I'll have a release here that's the full game. I know a lot of people who don't play h-games on steam because steam loudly announces whatever you are playing to your friends and won't let you turn it off.


Not just that, it also nice for people who can't buy it on Steam due to it being blocked there.

I just don't like how steam treats Eroge/Porn games developers. I rather support platforms like Itch.lo,Dlsites,Nutaku,etc.... They embrace Eroge/porn game  with open arms. While steam was force to from customers backlash when they were denying Eroge/porn game dev. From launching their games their. 


abandonned ?


Nope, Its in active development on Patreon

What are the controls to get to the pause menu so I can save?

Only place you can save is at the bar when talking to the waitress.

How do I save my Progress?

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I found a bug. You can have sex with the waitress even if you don't have 500 gold, by just moving the menu cursor down to the blank space where the option would otherwise appear. Doing so gives you negative gold.

Also, just a small QoL change I'd suggest - make the enemy drops appear instantly, instead of having them appear after their corpse fades away. This makes it so that you can walk over enemies while killing them to instantly pick up the drops.

Also the voice gets annoying for every single kill, maybe have it play on a 25% chance?

I say a better option would be to leave the voice as is and just have a menu option that allows a player to change how often the voice plays for kills.


is this game still getting developed? the demo has been 10/10 in terms of both story and gameplay. even if its not actively being updated it would be nice knowing that at some point down the line there will be a bigger story. huge fan of all your games btw


Yeah, the game is still being developed. I will have a new update in the next month or two with a new area, two new bosses, and a new form.

i am very confused, how do i get into the cave? the only way i can think of is blocked off, and i feel like it's very easy i'm just missing something somewhere.


Hold the down key and then press jump

omg i'm dumb

I freaking love this game.  The gameplay is pretty good, I like the changing of the forms and how they are all useful for something.  The sprites and portait/CG art is terrific, and the writing is pretty good, too.  I look forward to more of this.

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So far so good, it's fun, the gameplay of the knight form is a bit off imo, but might just be me lol. Would make it a bit less text-extended, just a tiny little bit, and would love to get some monster-f***ing scenes, not gonna lie uwu

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As early of a version as it is this is great already! Both the drawn art and pixel art are excellent, and the general style as well as the transformation mechanic remind me a lot of Shantae, particularly Pirate's Curse. 

I hope that on top of the CGs we can also get some lewd pixel animations in there, possibly implemented into the gameplay somehow. Not that the CGs are bad in any way, I just enjoy animations more and the characters aren't too pixelated to make it work. It could also be a way to make Fawn's true form consistently useful as being the one you need to use in order to seduce enemies or something along those lines.

As for the gameplay itself it's solid so far, my two critiques would be that Fawn having a voice line every single time you defeat an enemy gets annoying quickly and I think those could be reserved for when you defeat bosses and/or mini-bosses. The other is that choosing your different forms is a bit cumbersome, perhaps rather than needing to swap in the menu you could hold the transformation button to bring up a small menu or something that lets you quickly choose which form to take?

Really love how this is so far the art and story are really fun. i look forward to seeing what you do next ^^

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the 0.02 is ready ?

Yeah, the version that is up is 0.02

Any plans for a native Linux version?

Stencyl can only export to the same system as I am running, so I can't export to Linux. If Linux is compatible with HTML5 though, the newgrounds version should work for you.

If you have trouble with launching the game check if there any Cyrillic symbols in the path to the game...

have you posted updates on your patreon or subscribestar? I couldnt find any

I am working on the next version at the moment. It took some time to commission the art assets needed to expand the game further, but there will be a new area, more than double the number of enemies, and another boss in the next version.


Nice 2D Platformer with nice art!


says virus detected in windows.  False positive?

You should create a manual save system. 


There will be a save system in the actual game; this is just a short linear demo so there didn't seem to be any need to have save and loading in it.


What a delightful main character, will she be making an appearance in Spiral Clicker?

I'm not sure if she will or not. I am trying to limit self-referential cameos. I'm not decided if it should be just one from me in total, or one from each game.

Honestly, as an avid spiral clicker fan, I think she should make an appearance. Maybe it'd be cute to have her end up thinking she's the princess being saved lol


will this ever be available on other things like android or mac


I'm not sure a platformer would work well on android. Mac is unfortunately impossible. It can only be exported to Mac on an actual MAC computer and I do not have one.

Could it possibly work through something like unity or something like that?

I can export to android. The concern I have is on whether I can make the game feel natural to play using a touch screen, as your hands will naturally cover up parts of the screen. I will look into if I can make it work though.

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I used Wine to run it on my mac, doesn't always work for windows applications, but it is generally worth a try.

i assume you only have sex with the heroes right?

For the most part, a large number of sex scenes will be with heroes, but sometimes you get sex with other characters. Fawn has a strong preference for heroes though.

Amazing game dev looking for the next updates :D , I hope you enjoy my gameplay