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You've been given a magical gift from a charitable Elf who clearly has no ulterior motives what-so-ever. A spiral, which can drain your willpower and convert it into energy you can use to control those around you.

Click your way into the minds of the girls on your college campus, deepen your control over them, and unlock new outfits, CGs, and Dialogues as you go. If you will is strong, you may get a harem before your own willpower runs out.

Updated 28 days ago
TagsAnime, clicker, Eroge, Erotic
Average sessionA few seconds


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I liked that the gamejolt page had a HTML5 access, as it allowed me to play it on mobile (which feels a lot better). Now that it will disappear by the end of the week... Will there be one on Itch?

I heard about the Android version.

This is true?

There is no Android version. Converting the game into a mobile format is impossible until after the original game is completed.

Hi, Is there a method of viewing a scene of one of the girls going after you've already seen it without having to use the reset function and get all the level upgrades again?


No. Just the CGs, not the convos. CGs are viewable in the Gallery, even after reset.


Does anyone know if this game is ever gonna get an android or ios port. I'm really liking it so far and I feel like an android port for the game would be really good.

Trying to change its format that much is like being repeatedly kicked in the dick by steeltoe boots. Sorry, but Changer can't even consider doing that until after he actually finishes the game first.

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The amount of money a girl earns doesn't update when the appropriate loyalty increases, you have to change the assigned girl for it to update.

That's been a thing for a long time. Don't think it's fixable.


what is different about this update


in the new area, i finished the pokemon themed area but cant go further, is that a glitch, is the area not added, or did i do something wrong? (also for some reason one of the cutscenes with dixie ((think thats the name)) isnt working. after it goes to the image of her drinking beer, it just stays that way until i close the game)


How do you get Boomer?


you can get her the next time you beat the navy minigame in the new special area.

Tyvm, and keep up with the amazing work!


My game always closes in the sky war, and several bugs occur in pokegirl, the images do not appear. I own the updated steam version, but errors keep occurring. I really love this game and even though I can't progress further in history, I'm already 18 hours into the game. I want to keep up with the evolution of this fantastic game.


This new version has a fix attempt for the pokegirl minigame. Where exactly in the celestial plain are you having issues? is it upon entering, or are there specific minigames that are the issue?

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I only know about the first battle as I can't get over it. It would be interesting to do the Portuguese translation too, my girlfriend loves the game but she's not very good at English, so she always uses google translator. Anything, I'm available to type the translation into Portuguese. There is also a small bug in the hospital, where it is always "ready" but it is not possible to complete, by clicking you are taken directly to the Hospital menu to select the nurse.


I can send you a video with the bugs so it will be easier to know exactly where it is. Can I email you the file?


I have issue after catching poke girls and forest guard next stage is not unlocking and idk why?

People are saying it's not been made yet.
Wait for more updates.

Will this game ever be on android ? Cause it would be the absolute BEST game ever !

Does this game have breast expansion? I see this game a lot when I click "related games" for games that do have it, but it doesn't look like this one does at a glance. Just wanna make sure lol

No, the images don't have expansion. It might be a glitch in the system.

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Poke'Hypno Crashe. First time just hitting the Catch ball, 2nd Time after it hits the head of the Hypnomon.

Rare occasions I can actually get past it, than nothing else is to d (unless thats all there is right now then I understand.)


Don't know if this is the place for suggesteions,  but I would love a Move to Next or Previous Character button for when you are in the Profile of a character, going back and forth in my opinion is kind of annoying for when you are doing things, might be just me.  It could be like going between the Job categories of each City.  Which is kind of bugged in my opinion, if you full soft reset (Reset everything even Characters being there)  You can go between each city if you haven't done them and place the Jobs that way.

I don't have a .exe file to play this game. Did I do something wrong?

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On Steam version (says it's .37 ingame don't know if it updated), Tammy outfit button appears to do nothing, might be missing something but still figured I'd put a not in it for you.

Scratch that, I seem to be able to change outfits when I rebirthed a 3rd time.


how do I update this without losing my save?


Overwriting with the new download works for me.


Hello! I absolutely adore the game, but i do seem to be experiencing two issues.

First up, the pokegirl section always crashes my game. second, no matter how fast i click i cant seem to be able to move past the guard at the gate. If anyone has any solutions/tips, please let me know!

Great game, great art, absolutely love it.


the gaurd at the gate is beat by clicking on their face, dont click while the face isnt there

To pass the gate, click away from the gate to replenish your WP. Click the face when it appears to stop Orange's attacks.

When fighting Orange, you need a decent amount of Pearls. Otherwise, even if you click her weakspots, she won't lose much WP.

Weak Points: Ear, Breast, Crotch

She'll randomly switch between the three, but she always starts with her Ear vulnerable.


Can we get a mobile version?


I think I have a bug 

for some reason when I enter the monster girl area I just see the bushes moving and the will power bar is set to 0 and there is no one there 


the game always crashes when i catch the officer in the "pokegirl part", and how do i defeat the elf in the gate, i need to click on her when the eyes arent glowing?

can someone tell me to how to open this application


For some reason, the game always crashes when I get to the pokegirl section, it shows the dialogue for it then it freezes up and crashes after a bit. I'd really like to play it, but nothing I do helps it.


for some reason, i just have the will power bar set to 0 and there is no there 


the bullet hell section is really difficult. any tips?


Don't get hit.


Grind your levels up so high that you basically have infinite lives and it doesn't matter if you get hit.

Right. That too. XD


I've grinded a bunch already but when I hit phase 3 I still wipe out after 2 hits. Wasn't sure if i needed to reset for the update or not

Helen's level needs to be so high, it's at least 10,000. My version is over 160K.


oof! thanks man



I am now eagerly awaiting the next update, as I have managed to unlock all the girls and CGs in under 24 hours after first downloading the game

is there a change log

Jean was added as a slave.  She has 6 CGs: 5 alone, and 1 with the PokeGirls.

umm what different about this update 

Jean has no dialogues on her profile. Also cannot progress past 2nd location of Pokemon area

Dialogues not written yet. 3rd area not finished.

who is Jean

Jean is the girl you capture in the Pokemon area

i cant capture her when i go to the area the will power bar just says 0 

i stucked on push up scene. can someone help me?


Jean's CGs now show up in her profile, but they've disappeared from the Gallery. The CG of her and the PokeGirls is also missing. Probably an error.

The update from 2 days ago doesn't seem to have fixed this. I just double checked the Gallery, and they still don't display correctly.

Today's update has fixed the problem. :D


What, no eevee girl? For shame!


Black bar keeps popping up on the home screen, and I can’t get past the second location in the Pokémon section


My game is bugged? When I move my mouse to level anyone up, I get this black bar over the screen. At first it only showed up if I scrolled along and would go away if I opened another menu but the more character I got, the worse it became.


Unfortunately, that's something Changer hasn't been able to fix as of yet. He's trying, though.


That's sad but thank you. Good to know he's aware at least


Is there a way to make an android port?

Answered multiple times below.


I got Kass, but for some reason after getting her to level 50 the game crashed and no dialogue options are available for her. Is this normal? There's 5 CGs in there.


Kass doesn't seem to have dialogue yet. The game crashes a lot for me just moving around the menus so sadly this does seem to be normal.

The game doesn't crash for me, not unless I've been playing for hours on end. I'm not sure what your problem is. Kass doesn't have dialogue yet, unfortunately.


I am having trouble at the beach I beat the monster girl minigame and it did not let me progress to the next one it also does not let me try again as it just shows no creature and the bar just has 0 willpower 

Update. Game should work better.

The Monster Girl minigame is as far as it goes, ATM. You'll have to wait for the next update for more.

Game won't let me play....  SEND HELP!!


Which girls give you a scene at the barn? I've tried so many!


For now, just Sally, Tammy, Amber and Helen. More will be added later, as their CGs are drawn up.

Kathrine the maid has been added recently.

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