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This is actually a really good clicker game, though I kinda wish there was a futa option that could be turned on or off... among other things

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Even if it's designed to fit in a phone, I think it would be nice to have a widescreen version, where we would have access to every girl without scrolling on the super narrow screen. 

Also, since the update, the text is being cropped by the window (steam version)

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I played yesterday and it didn't save my progress~ 3:

Or, you know, it was updated and nobody told me that I should keep a backup.

What a waste of time.


Don't bother posting a bad comment if you have nothing good to say

Mumbo chill

why are you posting on my comment that happened literally 248 days ago? 


Just noticed that it was on Steam. Thanks devs!

Saw a patreon post indicating this got a public release, but it's not updated here or on Newgrounds. File problems again, or something else? Looking forward to the new content, as always.


saw this on the hub and thought nothing much of it, now i ended up trying it and its alot less shallow than i thought, very nice

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I mostly try to finish fast. can you make an easy mode to Mind Conquest? I found I got to the point where I had to get food and people-a never ending loop. Please, make a way to play it, but easier! I would put this in the game I am speaking of, but I am not good yet at navigating this site...

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Every single time i reopen in another tab, my save is wiped. small bit of an issue.


If there any way to transfer saves? I have every girl and scene on the version i have downloaded, so i don't want to update if all that progress is just gonna disappear, ya' know?


I dont know if its just my computer, but starting at Cassie, I couldnt read any 'comentary' from the girls, i could do the older stories, but not the newer ones. It might not be done yet, but i think otherwise.


I think this game could use a lovely mod function for the hypnosis helen uses on you when you start to fall into trance :)

More specifically, the ability to adjust what suggestions/triggers helen tries to plant in you during these moments... I see it having some great uses!


I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying all of your games, and that I appreciate all the effort that you are putting into making them. I hope life is treating you well, that you are doing well, and that you keep doing what you enjoy. Also this game, and all of your other games are all video games right? Also sorry about asking this, but can you make a downloadable version of this game if you can?

My save was deleted... and i was almost had all the girls... who ever made this need to patch that problem


happens each update. I guess it's difficult to keep the saves compatible

i hope he/she can fix that problem... i mean i can see that coding is a bit hard to do

Can't play it from here :(

I started playing this a couple days ago, but when it updated today, I lost all of my progress.  Is that normal?

no, but your not the only one i lost my saves today and i had almost all the girls maxed out...

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I really wish I could succumb to Aima, but... she does make a cute pet, too~

Also, Kathrine seems... unfinished?


My data won’t save for some reason. Is there a fix to this? I’m using puffin browser as my IPad doesn’t support Flash normally.


Something interesting I noticed is that the game has the fixed 'level up' until I spend pearls on the defense things, and then suddenly it... doesn't, anymore. Like it'll start increasing. I'm not sure if that's supposed to be a feature or if the fixed level-up was the bug in the first place...


I can't find any Violet's weakness spots, she doesn't seem to react to my clicks at all. Am I doing something wrong, or is this battle just not developed yet?


I think you oversaw a little problem with the level up cost scaling last update.

I don't really see that as a problem

I wonder if the pearl system was designed to be easy to break, or it hasn't been balanced properly yet. Currently, after you get your first reset, it's better to immediately buy out all of the girls you just got (don't bother breaking new barriers), and reset immediately. This process, if done quickly (and don't get stuck when switching between girls...) takes <5 minutes to get the same amount of pearls as your first reset. (For me, it's currently in the mid-20's.)

how many pearls do i need for everything?

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Great clicker game! Although I think there can be some improvements.

Maybe have it so you can actually choose which clothing you want them to wear/what level multiplier you use, instead of having to cycle through them.

Switching between girls' profiles without returning to the entire list. It's helpful if you want to spam level up or compare the girls' stats without having to return to the list, which just kind of wastes time.

Having some indicator of the weakness you need to click for the elf battle. Having to guess which weakness it is, without even knowing where the weaknesses are or how many there are, is kind of annoying and pointlessly difficult. Also, it shows no indication of how much "damage" she has taken

As for saving issues, I know Firefox now blocks Flash from saving files by default (I assume Chrome does as well). This explains what causes the issue in Firefox and how to disable the setting (It says only Mac, but that's not true, as I use a PC and this worked to fix the issue for me):

I know this has been asked before, but I have yet to find an answer: How do you unlock the bottom row of the first page of images? I found a comment on another site where you have this hosted on that says the fourth and fifth images are Easter-themed. Does that mean they are only available on Easter? Are the other three also specific to certain dates?

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I think my only complaint is that Leena takes forever to level up and mind break.... like the others have a few higher-level things, but Leena takes literally days to get anywhere with. Otherwise, this game is well done so far! The overarching storyline is interesting.

Resetting is a bit strange, tbh, like, all the girls are there and I don't see the conversations pop up if I level them up on their profile screens and I have to exit and re-enter to see them. I did notice the multiple level up button, and that is helpful. Also I've never seen Helen pop up during mind breaks, which is strange.


Are you planning on adding conversations to the girls that don't have any?


Doing a 100% completion run on this game took me a few days to do. The overarching story plot is pretty good, and includes a few different types of fetishes for people who enjoy them - mostly the hypnotism fetish. The cameos of the girls from other games are really cool too.

There's just one problem... I have no clue how to get the last five images on the bottom of the first page when you check your story unlocks. Help me?


I got one because Christmas


Yeah for some reason I get the photo but conversation to get to it wont show up.

For which character? Some characters don't have their conversations written yet, but I am working on it.

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I have a bug report about some bad math on the part of the Steam version of the game.
I should have a max level of 3500 (excluding mouse and spiral levels), but the game says I only have a max level of 3499…
I have no idea why it's mathing a level under the actual combined level of all 15 of my girls…

Other than that, the cost of upgrading the spiral and mouse seems to have gone up from a previous version I had played. This actually seems better than the lower prices, bug or not.

Keep up the good work, quite a good game, wish it supported Steam Cloud.

Another bug. Two, actually.

Larelle has a bug where if she's rea

dy to be Mind Broken, it'll show the level up text instead.
Larelle also doesn't show the "Can't skip" on the roster screen.

DH shows Mind Break in the profile from level 1, and is accompanied with the Mind Break text, which doesn't occur on the roster screen.


How do you unlock the three last pictures on the first page?

Deleted 3 years ago

same, pretty sure it was due to the update

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I miss it when you could just keep clicking instead of waiting hours.

Edit: ok maybe I over exaggerated but you get the point

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I just wish the game's window was a bit smaller. Also, what does Helen's icon showing up means?


If you tap Helen's icon when you're mind breaking one of the girls, she does massive damage to them. If you hold down the mouse for about 10-15 seconds, Helen will come and ask you if you want to be hypnotized basically.


Can we get a save and load option to allow making back ups of our progress?
I opened this in a new window after seeing the comments, and the game started from the beginning…

That is pretty bad that it doesn't save as I play… and has no way to save or load manual saves…

Oh well… it's… decent time killer, if you don't care about losing progress…

Hahaha, I was worried about that during my playthrough. I had to keep this window open and make sure my laptop didn't die during the completion run. I was a bit worried I'd get more than a few raised eyebrows. It would be really nice if this game would save--or if we could download it to play.

Interestingly enough, I found it on Steam a few days after I made that comment.

The Steam version saves just fine for me, the browser version does not.


What should I be seeing when Helen hypnotizes the player? I have hypnosis and pleasure enabled, but I don't see any difference from any other setting. The audio didn't appear to change either.


Don't worry, you just don't remember it.  :P

There are some minor dialogue differences when you change Helen's settings in the options menu (top right corner).


I'm gonna be honest here I don't love the new money-to-level-up system. I know we still "Break into the Girl's Mind" but it's not as often. Although I do agree with the staying offline and getting money system being taken down. It was definitely kinda ridiculous. And looks like I have that stupid add-on. Restarting is not that fun, but oh, well! Not your fault. Keep up the good work, though.

The player is rewarded with a harem and all the "benefits" by playing the game. You are rewarded for your obedien- I mean gameplay!


157 days, pal. I'm cool with the new system now. Just gotta wait and good things will come.

oh that would explain it. I was in incognito mode

It didn't save my progress.

The most common cause of that is playing in incognito mode; second to that, I have heard of a fair number of people having a browser addon that deletes saves made by flash automatically.

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