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So I downloaded the rar but for some reason I can't play it?


you need a special extractor program

Ohh I see, thank you for the answer.

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The user experience has improved a lot over the versions such as click power upgrades being made cheaper. By the way I love Titnosis, how about adding Assnosis as a variation of it? Yes it's a thing. But aside from the elf fights, there are still some issues related to resetting progress for pearls, and with how weak spiral power has gotten compared to click power. I will explain in detail, so here's a "gold mind" of information.

Regarding resetting progress for pearls, it's not explained very well what happens or what you keep and lose. Resetting sounds like a drastic decision, so the player should know what they're getting into. But all you are told is that you keep unlocked girls at level 1 and pearl upgrades, and what affects pearl gain. That implies that you lose everything else, but that isn't exactly true. It also doesn't say whether money and items bought with money count as pearl upgrades that you keep (you need pearl upgrades to get money in the first place, so it makes sense but it's not clear). A more accurate and honest description would be like this: "Softly resets progress; You keep unlocked pictures and achievements, girls at lvl 1, pearl upgrades (specify about money and item collection here), and can speed up re-leveling girls." Before resetting, players would definitely want to know that they can speed up re-leveling girls after resetting. You could also explain about the up to +25 level per click button or give it a description.

There are additional unmentioned, even strange things about resetting for pearls. Although you keep unlocked achievements, progress towards achievements that you don't have is actually reset (most significantly for 100,000 levels), even though the progress reports on these achievements still mention the number you were last at. So there's a bug with either achievement progress or progress reports here. Also you lose click power upgrades, willpower and beach loyalty, even though none of those things affect pearl gain. You do retain 1.04 billion willpower, but why that amount specifically? If the idea is that you use willpower to reset, it'd make more sense to have it cost a certain amount, subtracted from your willpower. It could be a fixed amount, or based on how many pearls you'd get. But resetting willpower doesn't make sense unless it were to affect pearl gain. Resetting click power upgrades may make even less sense, but if it's going to be reset then it should also count. Beach loyalty should count anyway like the other areas' loyalty that get reset.

Regarding spiral power, it should really be buffed for Titnosis and the regular spiral (but not the pendulum, that's plenty powerful and can just multiply click power). Spiral power used to be about as powerful as click power (or later in the game half as powerful or less) if you upgraded both diligently. But click power upgrades were made cheaper without adjusting  spiral power to compensate for that. The result is that spiral power has fallen WAY behind click power. While you could buff the spiral power increase factor, maybe spiral power should instead increase with click power upgrades (rather than with leveling girls), to ensure that it doesn't fall so behind. It could increase 1 to 1 but it could also be a smaller percentage, like 1/2,  1/5 or 1/10. Even 1/50 or 1/100 of click power would actually be a huge buff compared to now, because it really has become that underpowered. Also maybe achievements should increase spiral power by 5% like they do for click power.

To demonstrate the huge disparity between spiral and click power in an example, my click power was about 110 billion while my spiral power was just 10 million. I mean, spiral power was about 1 / 11000 of click power, an absurd difference. At that point, several of my harem girls and the college conquest girls had 10+ billion mind barrier health. 10 million power does nothing to that, and that amount of health was actually nothing compared to the conquest girls past college. The conquest girls' health was a few hundred billion in the city, over a trillion at the beach, and it gets to a few trillion in the countryside just to complete it. Spiral power would've had to be 100x more just to have had 1/110th of click power or 1 billion power, which might've been ok (though not great) against 10+ billion health, but still wouldn't have even put a dent in the conquest girls past college. The disparity got even bigger as I kept playing. Meanwhile the pendulum multiplies click power massively, and the pendulum items in the shop are much stronger than the Titnosis and regular spiral items. So you can see why I think Titnosis and the regular spiral should really be buffed. Spiral power shouldn't be falling behind 1/100 or 1/50 of click power, and really it should be more than that.


What are the 5 CG's below Luna and above Anne? I have all of the other CG's except the holiday outfits. I open the game each day so I won't miss any of Helen's holiday outfits. Where do I go from here to finish this game? I have clicked until I've reached 1,584,159 pearls and I'm at a loss what to do next to find them.

I legit can't get pass Orange and I guess this is where I stop playing today. Assuming my data gets lost come a new update... I'll stop playing for good. 

312 pearls aint enough smh. I know her ears, and her belly are weakpoints but they don't work sometimes... idk if there are other spots i'm missing or what


Orange's weakpoints are her ears, her  belly, her thighs and her breasts. The weak spot moves between those locations each time you distract her successfully so the puzzle involves searching for and finding it as quickly as you can.

I guess a late reply is better than no reply. I'll give it a try I guess. Thanks for the help.

Yeah, sorry about that. I got an email about your reply yesterday, which was weird since you replied almost a week ago. It seems like the reply alerts are being a bit spotty.

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Perhaps. As long as you replied is all I care about.

Also... How does one click on her thighs? Do you click on the skin or the black pants? Because I can't click on her thighs, or at least they never seem to do anything

There should be an invisible rectangular box that encompasses both of her thighs so if you're having trouble you can 'cheat' it a bit by clicking between her legs. Since random chance is involved though it is entirely possible you could go through a few battles without the weak spot happening to land on that spot too.


pls pls ANNDDD PLLSLSSSSSS android

Yes, it wouldn't be too hard (game mechanic speaking) to adapt this game for android. It is clicker after all.

yeah should be super ez just make it download able for android and make clicking taping and i think that thats it

It's not technically hard to make it work in mobile, unfortunately the engine I am using is having difficulty exporting to the .apk format like it should. Apparently some of it has to do with needing a very out of date version of java's development kit to be installed to make it work and that kit being difficult to find.

alright i hope you can make it happen gl

Why is it a .rar file?  I don't know what to do with a .rar file

You use 7-Zip to unzip the file into a folder

Would there ever be a guide released to this, I cannot access stuff like the pole dancing cg for Sally and there are strange cgs that are locked but there are too many for the 27 women I hear are available in game. Would a potential guide be released?


Officially, Flash Is Dead today, December 31, 2020.  It is no longer supported in browsers.  We need an alternative version of this


Flash isn't dead, it just wont receive updates


You were saying?


We need an android version or i would want to play in browser somehow pleeeeese i really like this game

When I run the game, the colors show up in a extremely weird way. Does this happen to anyone else?

This happens to me! And I have not been able to fix it after hours of searching. Are you also running a windows emulator on a mac?

The game just closes after the first bit of clicks. anyone know how to fix? (I have it downloaded, not playing on flash)


android version?

please make it run without flash online

How dose the main character get hypnotized, i saw it in the settings, i just don't understand it?

You can either hold the mouse down for around 10 seconds, or go idle for several minutes.


Are there any plans to make a downloadable version? Flash IS going away soon, after all.


You can download it here


Ethansmith00k is correct.  Here is another link I found:

Both platforms seem great imo. ;) -KC

The  game is free on Steam, if you want to play it that way.


the game just reset for me 

i lost hours of work 

if you are incognito mode browser games on dont save


Guys if you want the exe version then go to

You can download it for Windows and Mac ^^

how do i get sex cgs? the game says they exist but...

What do you mean by that? Could you please elaborate

Deleted 2 years ago

0.24 version

You can download exe version for free ^^ 

does the dev even read these?


make it windows and mac or android bc flash will stop being supported soon

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please make an saving feature if you can 

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it wont let me click on the police station even though i passed 20000

edit: i just had to reload the site

Ms Rack has froze and I'm not getting any willpower from her anymore? Can anything be done about that?


i keep losing all my data on this game.

it is because of the game updates mostly


not from that, no mattter what i do, i lose data


this would be a great mobile game

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Same problem as Zyikes from about a month ago. just lost all progress. cant even figure out what triggered it for sure either. if there was maybe a why to download it for people who didn't what to play in browser?  because like lotsofflag427, trying to use the SWF files isn't working for me. I'd actually be perfectly fine playing a downloaded version even it it meant deleting it and re downloading the new version at every update. just to avoid this kind of thing from happening. Admittedly this has never happened when i play over on newgrounds, but my internet security set up seems to hate that site and often blocks me out of it so i cant even reliably play this game there. 

EDIT:  Don't get me wrong, I really do love the game. I absolutely wouldn't go through the effort of sorting this out instead of just quitting unless I really enjoyed your work here.

Every time it updates it deletes all your save data...

ok then, good to know. well that basically IS my comment about being willing to delete and re download each new update, just without the download. good to know the deletion inst random after all. Thanks for clearing this up. 


Any chance for an android version?  As a bundled app.  (since Flash dies at the end of the year)

Wanda does not have a portrait in the Auditorium

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Could anyone tell me how to download my current save onto my pc? I'm using Microsoft edge and the tutorials I've found online aren't working. I know I'm supposed to get the swf file, but I can't find it 

I love the two new girls ^^


GOD! this game is so good, i can't stop playing it.  i have only ever for 1 or 2 other games that have grabbed my attention like this, but this is the most captivating game of them all!

Deleted post

I'm annoyed because I spent several hours on this game just for my progress to disappear.


could you make a android spiral clicker app please

how do you save the Game on mobile i am using puffin I’ve reset too many times

You don't.  Puffin doesn't save your flash SOL files anywhere that is regularly accessible, and Puffin assigns you the use of a random server in their cloud for the content.  There's no way to *save* the progress when using Puffin.


how do you save the game on mobile, ive been reset twice.

Via Puffin?  You don't.  Puffin doesn't save your flash SOL files anywhere that is regularly accessible, and Puffin assigns you the use of a random server in their cloud for the content.  There's no way to *save* the progress when using Puffin.


How do you get luna? I heard you need to go through Angel vs Demons battle a second time after pearl reset.  But it isn't working.


I just wanted to day that I'm enjoying all of your games, and that I appreciate all the effort that you put into making them. I hope you are doing well, and staying safe


how do you save your progress in this game on an android device? I’ve been using the puffin browser to play. I was playing for a couple hours and my progress got deleted. I simply have no idea how to keep a back up file for this game. If anybody could help me out, it’d be greatly appreciated. 

You don't.  Puffin doesn't save your flash SOL files anywhere that is regularly accessible, and Puffin assigns you the use of a random server in their cloud for the content.  There's no way to *save* the progress when using Puffin.

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